My Bucket List.

Awhile back, I saw a 30 day blog challenge.  I knew full well that I wouldn’t be able to carry out something like that.  I’m not even doing well on the book reading challenge that I started at the beginning of the year — I’m still in the middle of three books but for some reason I keep stalling on actually reading any of them.  So instead of a failed attempt at actually completing the challenge in 30 days, I decided to pick a few of the topics that actually seemed inspiring to write about.  One of those options was ‘a few items off my bucket list.’  Here goes! Continue reading


I’m not really having the best of days today.  I came home from work not feeling so well.  Than got a call from my boyfriend ranting about our Jeep being stolen.  I’m actually pretty sure that it was towed because he ran out of gas and walked off to get some in the can.  When he got back, it was MIA.  I can’t get ahold of him because he doesn’t have a cell phone and I have no idea where he was when it happened to call the police in that township.  But whatever.  That’s not the point to this entry so please .. read on. Continue reading


Today is the first time I’ve come to the bookstore and the minute I sit down, I just want to leave.  I don’t know where I want to go, mind you.  I don’t want to go home.  I don’t want to be here.  I just .. I’m feeling like I just don’t want to be.  If that makes any sense. Continue reading