Happy birthday to me.

Today, I turn 35.  It’s been an interesting year/life so far.  I’m not exactly where I thought I would be when I turned 35, but I’m still here.  So this year, for my birthday, I’ve decided to make a list.  What kind of list, you ask?  Well, my blog so far has been full of a lot of whining and complaining about what hasn’t gone right in my life.  So I’ve decided that this list is going to be ’35 Things I’m Thankful For.’  It’s about time for something positive, right? Continue reading


What a year.

Clearly, I am a terrible blogger.  I was always really bad at keeping up with my own personal journal, too.  Diaries, seriously, what’s the point?  All you do is sit and ramble a bunch of useless personal thoughts that nobody else is ever going to read.  But this?  Other people are going to see it.  Maybe even comment on it.  It’s going to be out there for the entire world to see, which is pretty terrifying if you think about it.  Especially for an introvert.  So maybe that’s why I haven’t really bothered sharing much since I moved to Florida, or much at all before that.  Though, I feel like I said more here than I’ve ever really said to anyone I know in person.  So that’s saying something, I guess. Continue reading

My Bucket List.

Awhile back, I saw a 30 day blog challenge.  I knew full well that I wouldn’t be able to carry out something like that.  I’m not even doing well on the book reading challenge that I started at the beginning of the year — I’m still in the middle of three books but for some reason I keep stalling on actually reading any of them.  So instead of a failed attempt at actually completing the challenge in 30 days, I decided to pick a few of the topics that actually seemed inspiring to write about.  One of those options was ‘a few items off my bucket list.’  Here goes! Continue reading