Using Up Your Stash.

Of craft supplies … Y’know, just to clarify!

If you’re anything like me, and I assume if you make cards or do anything crafty at all, you are .. you have a ridiculous amount of extra stuff laying around that you rarely use.  Whether it be a plethora of washi tape, ribbon, stickers, what-have-you.  We’ve all got it!

I actually don’t have a set crafting space in the typical sense.  In the home I rent with my Mom and boyfriend, we have an extra bedroom that is basically the catch all.  In it, I have my computer desk, a bookshelf, and a cabinet stuffed to overflowing with supplies.  I also have a very large rubbermaid tote and a portable picnic table that I use as well.  It’s not the most professional looking space which is why I’m likely never going to get into videotaping my crafting process, but it works for me.  Mostly.

I have a hard time staying organized some days.  I usually know where everything is but there are sometimes where things go missing and I can’t seem to put my finger on them.  Like, right now, I can’t find my stitched rectangle dies and if you have a set, you know how frequently you use them.  This is driving me absolutely insane!  I mean, I know I’ll come across them at some point, I just have to keep looking through things.  Which is one of the reasons I’m making this post!

A lot of my stash is Christmas related.  I have a ton of premade Christmas cards.  Some of them I’ve made with old stamps, some with patterned papers, some with stickers.  I like to mix and match items that I’ve found to create layered cards.  Christmas really is, for me, the best time to go through what’s in my space and start trying to use things up.  Or, rather, when I’m in the process of making my Christmas cards it’s the best time.  I tend to not wait til the end of the year to get started because .. when I get started?  I make a ton!

I decided in this entry, I’d share just a few of my Christmas cards from my stash so that you can see what I mean by layering things up to use up your items.


All of the cards I’m going to show you are on the same 6″x6″ kraft cardstock with envelopes that I’ve purchased premade from Hobby Lobby.  I enjoy doing my Christmas cards in sizes different than the typical A-2 (4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″) and I fell in love with these cards when I found them as they worked perfect for the types of cards I wanted to make last year.  I also used a scrapbooking kit that, for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of right now to tell you but the paper was awesome!  It wasn’t all the typical red and green, which I liked.

In this first card, I kept it mostly simple.  I layered the paper with some washi tape I’d found at Tuesday Morning along with a polaroid cut out that I filled with stickers off a sheet from Target.  I also added some bakers twine and red jingle bells on the side so that the card felt a little more festive. When I found the polaroid cut out sheets at Tuesday Morning, I got really excited by the idea of creating little scenes in the ‘image’ out of stickers .. which I have tons of!


This next card had a similar vibe, except that instead of using patterned paper in the background, I created my own pattern out of small stickers from a $1 pack I got at the Dollar Tree.  You see, you don’t have to buy expensive stuff to make cute cards.  This one might not be the best to give to an adult, but I know a couple of kids who would absolutely adore getting this card in the mail.  The little Santa and Elf are from a Simple Stories pocket letter pack I got on the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby!  Aren’t they adorable?!


In this card, I added a sheet of burlap that I’d gotten in a 7 Gypsies scrap pack.  With some simple red ribbon and some shiny flower embellishments, this card was really easy to layer up and put together.


And this last one, I added a second sheet of patterned paper with gold foil trees along with a Santa that had actually been cut out of a Christmas ornament my Mom had received in some spam mail.  I thought it was too sweet to throw away and that I’d rather recycle it into something better.  It went perfectly with the background paper that describes Santa’s twinkly eyes and merry dimples!

Last year, when I was getting ready to make my cards, I prepped an entire bag full of focal points using up scraps and old packs I had been hoarding.  I still have quite a few left to make cards with, but it made putting things together so much easier.  All I had to do was pick the paper I wanted to use with the main piece and adhere it all down.  Quick and simple!  If you find yourself with some extra time before the Christmas crunch, I recommend trying to get as set up as you can, that way you can just mass produce the heck out of some cards leaving yourself plenty of time to actually enjoy the holiday this year!


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