Just Roll With It.

Sometimes when you’re crafting, you get a specific idea in mind and it doesn’t always go the way you want it to or think it will.  I’m almost positive that happens to everybody.  And not just when it comes to crafting!  There are just times when, no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t necessarily pan out and you just need to learn to either accept it and move on or .. roll with it!  For me?  I like to roll with it.

Bob Ross .. you know, the happy little tree guy who used to paint on PBS?  He always used to say that their were no mistakes, merely happy accidents.  And as a fan of that philosophy, I’ve always tried to allow my creative side to just .. roll with it.  I may not come up with exactly what I’d intended to in the beginning but what I have as an end result is usually something that I like just as much.

Awhile back, I had seen someone make bookmarks using a Newton’s Nook stampset that had a cat sitting on a pile of books.  They used a roll of magnetic tape to create the clasping mechanism and I was pretty sure that I had some of that from awhile back in my stash.  I’d purchased a stamp set specifically to make bookmarks just like those!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the magnets and I didn’t really have the time or money to go buy more.  So instead, I decided to pull something else from my stash.

I purchased a pack of assorted tags from Tuesday Morning.  They are by Momenta and it’s a 12 piece pack that comes with 6 tags and 6 vellum envelopes.  I’d already used 2 of each awhile back to make cards that had gift card holders.  But I realized that the tags provided in the pack were the absolute perfect size to pair with the stamp that I had purchased.  And, actually, I had two stamps by the same company that both worked so I wound up using both!

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen the Santoro girls stamps but they are the most adorable set of stamps ever . They have these cute little girls in sweet little outfits and these two were my favorites so I just had to have them.  They are called ‘New Heights’ and ‘Puddle of Love.’

I had purchased both sets with one specific person in mind.  My best friend.  Who happens to be coming to visit me in July!  She and I are both avid readers and have a love for playing in the rain.  So I decided that, even though I couldn’t make the magnetic bookmarks I’d initially wanted to make, these tags could potentially be used as bookmarks as well!

Using Simon Says Stamp Intense Black ink, I stamped each image and then with a .01 precision marker, doodled around the images in a way that I thought helped bring a little more life to them.  I added titles to the books the one girl was standing on while adding a puddle and rain to the other.  Then, on the sleeves for each tag, I used Versa Mark ink and Wow Primary Ebony embossing powder to emboss a sentiment.  Both are from the Simon Says Stamp ‘Uplifting Thoughts’ set.

So next time you’re working on something and it’s not going exactly as planned .. don’t get discouraged!  Just take a chance and run with it as you may end up liking the outcome better anyway.


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