12 Cards, 1 Collection.

I know, I know.  It’s usually ’10 cards, 1 Collection’ but I really couldn’t help myself with these!  If you haven’t seen the Doodlebug ‘So Punny’ collection, I recommend that you check it out.  I’m not generally a fan of super cheesy puns but the images that went along with this collection were too stinkin’ adorable to pass up.

I know that this is more typically a Valentine’s Day collection, and I had gotten most of my items before Valentine’s, but unfortunately the rest only showed up in my mailbox two days ago!  So, despite the fact that these are incredibly ‘lovey dovey’ type themes, I tried my best to make them not quite so VD-specific and instead went with just ‘love’ or ‘friendship’ or ‘admiration’ type cards.  I’m hoping that I did them justice!

I had pulled out enough items to make 14 cards but after spending the entire day just working on these 12, I decided it was time to take a break for the night and hang out with my boyfriend instead of making the last two.  At some point I intend to come back to this collection as I have a ton of images left to use!  In my collection, I purchased the 6″ x 6″ paperpad, the Odds & Ends ephemera pack, the Chit Chat ephemera pack, both sheets of icon cardstock stickers, and a few of the Doodlepops (which I can never seem to bring myself to use!!).  I barely made a dent in what I’d purchased even after making these 12 cards.


I had actually fallen in love with this set because of the sushi and Chinese take out images.  I purchased the Take Out Doodlepop and fully intend to hoard it for as long as I possibly can.  As for the radishes?  How can you not get a kick out of the little dude in his sunglasses?!


The gnome couple were my entire reason for purchasing the Odds & Ends pack.  I really wanted to be able to use these on a card as well as have the little stickers on my cardstock sheet.  I think, out of all of the cards I made, that one is my favorite.  And while the jell-o molds are cute, I think that card is probably my least.  It just feels like it’s missing something!


Because these are both ‘breakfast’ themed cards, I decided to give them both a similar base to start off of.  I used the patterned paper as a sort of tablecloth in the eggs and bacon card and created an oven out of bits of leftover cardstock, cutting it to size and sketching in the details.  The inside of that card has another bacon and egg, along with a ‘I couldn’t if I fried’ sentiment.  As for the Pop Tarts and toaster, I didn’t want it to look exactly the same so I just tried to break it up a little by doodling around the edges and laying a black strip in the middle as part of the table or a counter top.  I even created a little plate for the extra tart to sit on.


These were actually the final two cards that I made tonight.  I was mostly trying to use up the scraps of paper I had on my table so I did a bit of layering for the cacti.  I thought it turned out pretty cute for being something I hadn’t actually planned out from start to finish.  The gummy bears were a little more simple.  I just wanted to use a rainbow effect since they’re so colorful and the sentiment is as well.


I’ve been trying not to do the same thing over and over, but sometimes that’s exactly what seems to happen.  I kept using patterned paper to make things look like they were resting on a surface.  With the tea set, I created a tea tray out of leftover paper and used another scrap to make a window or mirror hanging on the wall behind it, just to break up the left over space.  As for the sewing machine, I decided to make my own punny sentiment on this one.  I’d initially planned on using ‘I love you sew much’ but changed my mind at the last minute and wrote one myself!  As for these little bobbin stickers?  I was really annoyed by the fact that they broke into 3 pieces when you removed them from the sheet.  It made putting them back together on foam tape nearly impossible!


And now my final two!  The one on the left I plan to give to my Dad, who happens to be coming for a visit next week from PA!  My sister and I call him ‘Pop’ so this just seemed perfect.  The BBQ card was fun and simple, though I feel like maybe it needs something in that bottom right corner.  Who knows!

If you haven’t seen this collection before, I definitely recommend checking it out.  Doodlebug never fails to amaze me!


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