Saying goodbye.

It’s hard to believe just how many things change when you’re not paying attention.  Having moved to Florida two years ago, I left behind all the places that meant the world to me during the first thirty years of my life.  From the park I used to play in to the shops I’d frequent to the schools I learned at, etc etc.  I think about all those places often and always just sort of assumed I’d have a chance to go again whenever I went back home.  In the last few weeks, I’ve learned that at least two of those places will no longer be there by the time that happens.

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It’s about effin’ time.

When you think about Florida, what do you think about? I think about beaches, hot air, and alligators.  I feel like most people probably think of the same things, right?  Well, when I first moved to Florida, I had two ‘bucket list’ items in mind.  I wanted to see the dorsel fin of a shark swimming through the water and I wanted to see an alligator out in the wild.  Finally, after two years, I’ve managed to chalk off one of those!

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Getting a visitor.

I’ve mentioned before that my Mom lives in Florida now.  She moved there three years ago and hasn’t been back since.  All of that is going to change today.  She’s coming for a visit, arriving on a plane at 10:30 this morning.  I’m throwing this small little post up right now so that anybody who might actually watch my blog will understand why I may not post for the next few days. Continue reading