If at first …

Alright, so for those of you who have actually been reading my blog for the past month, you know that I’ve been trying to get a spot on a design team.  You also know that I didn’t get a spot because I’m an idiot and I failed to read the posting correctly.  Went and missed the deadline!  Real jackass, right here .. but oh well, thus is life.  And I have moved on! Continue reading


My creative side.

When I first started making cards, my favorite way to do them was to hand draw everything.  I didn’t own a whole lot of stamps aside from the few that I’d been given by my Uncle after my Aunt passed away.  You see, she liked making cards and had a pretty good collection of holiday stamps but they were all very religious.  I guess I should thank her for the passion it inspired in me to really start creating more and more cards.  But anyway, I figured I’d share a few of those old cards.  The photo’s are pretty crappy as they’re old, from a phone that had a lousy camera, and I’ve transferred a few from the very first year I had a Facebook.  Enjoy!  Continue reading


I’ve been focusing a lot on posting the creative stuff lately.  But I wasn’t lying when I said that this blog was still going to be my blog.  I like having a place to post the things I’m thinking about and just whatever random thing strikes my fancy at any given time.  At the moment, I’m trying to keep from posting a bunch of philosophical/political rants because I don’t know if anybody would actually care to read my opinions on the matter.  And besides, that’s what Facebook is for.  So instead, I thought I’d fulfill another of the Blog Challenge entries I listed on my ‘Notes for the Future’ blurb. Continue reading

My ‘siblings.’

If you’ve taken a look at my Notes for the Future post, you’ll see a list of prompts that I nabbed from a 30 Day Blog Challenge I found when I first started writing on this thing.  I’m not even sure where I found the challenge or when at this point because, well, it’s been awhile and I haven’t really been all that good at keeping up to date with this!  Anywho… One of the prompts was to write about my siblings, so how about we do that!

Continue reading

New year, new me?

I have never been the type of person to really do New Year’s resolutions.  I feel like they always end up being these huge promises you make to yourself that you break in less than a week.  Everyone is always starting a diet come January 2nd, because you can’t start it on the 1st when you’re busy eating all the crap you bought for the party the night before.  I know that I’ve been that person at least once but this year I thought that I’d try something a little different.  Instead of making empty promises, I have set myself ten goals. Continue reading