It’s about effin’ time.

When you think about Florida, what do you think about? I think about beaches, hot air, and alligators.  I feel like most people probably think of the same things, right?  Well, when I first moved to Florida, I had two ‘bucket list’ items in mind.  I wanted to see the dorsel fin of a shark swimming through the water and I wanted to see an alligator out in the wild.  Finally, after two years, I’ve managed to chalk off one of those!

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New year, new me?

I have never been the type of person to really do New Year’s resolutions.  I feel like they always end up being these huge promises you make to yourself that you break in less than a week.  Everyone is always starting a diet come January 2nd, because you can’t start it on the 1st when you’re busy eating all the crap you bought for the party the night before.  I know that I’ve been that person at least once but this year I thought that I’d try something a little different.  Instead of making empty promises, I have set myself ten goals. Continue reading